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Game description

You are a spaceship on either the blue or red team and your objective is to gather scrap to upgrade your ship's systems and eventually destroy the other team's base little space war in hindi . warin-space.space and was created late May in 2015 by Kairus, joined shortly after by Smashingtonn nobita's little space war in hindi . warin-space. Firing - The spaceship is able to shoot a laser at targets nuclear war in space . warin-space. Abilities - Each different ship has an ability which can be activated by using the right mouse button real war in space . warin-space. The 'Ship' button will upgrade your ship to the next tier, and you will lose all the upgrades you had on your previous tier secret war in outer space . warin-space. Hotkeys - Hotkeys exist on this game, the Hotkeys are 'Q', 'W', 'E' and 'R' secret war in space nasa . warin-space. Ships Ships are all either players or bots, depending on how many people are live in the game on that world space war in asia . warin-space. There are two main types of ship space war in future . warin-space. All ships branch off into different sub-ship types: Light, Medium and Heavy spore war in space stage . warin-space. Also, fyi, to those who speak English and not obscurely undocumented code (:-), the following block of text apparently refers to the fact that when you destroy another ship, you actually get their scrap (or maybe some percentage of it, not sure yet -- and definitely when you aren't the only one involved in the kill, you get some portion of it, maybe even shares, maybe some percentage of shares according to damage, dunno, but if anyone else knows perhaps they can update this paragraph) war in space uncut . warin-space.20f)); AddGold(-takenGold); // Remove from dead player Collection vals = assisters war in space wiki . warin-space. friv keySet(); for (Player p:vals){ // spread money to assisters p warin-space . warin-space.AddGold((int) (takenGold*goldMultiplier/(assisters watch the war in space online . warin-space.size()))); } Bases Worlds There are currently twenty worlds available to play on watch war in space . warin-space. There are two bases, one for either team what would war in space be like . warin-space. . warin-space.

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