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friv chess

In the chess world a grandmaster is a chess player who has achieved an ELO rating of 2500 at least once in his/her playing career . friv chess. I have written this hub for anybody who has a strong desire to play chess extremely well and who might also consider pursuing a career in chess either as a professional or as a coach, instructor or analyst . friv chess. Warning! This article does not guarantee you becoming a grandmaster after reading it, however it does offer some insights into how to play chess extremely well so that even if you don’t ever become a grandmaster, international master or fide master you can at least be an above average chess player . friv chess. 2 . friv chess. There are indeed secrets to playing chess like a grandmaster but these secrets are open secrets . friv chess. To begin, success in life is generally predictable and especially so in chess which is a battle of wits and intricate mental and psychological struggles between two players on opposite sides . friv chess. The rules for playing chess like a grandmaster have been quietly packaged in this mini listing . friv chess. Learn to predict the outcome of your moves before playing them and develop plans that will achieve the outcomes you wish to have (Strategy) Chess grandmasters play chess with one thing in mind which is having a favourable endgame . friv chess. Most grandmasters are skillful endgame players, knowing how to knit together intricate tactics that can serve useful purposes in that stage of the game . friv chess. 2 . friv chess. Those loopholes are called advantages . friv chess. friv Grandmasters love to have active and highly mobile pieces As a grandmaster, the typical style of play is to have the initiative and the more active and mobile pieces . friv chess. The aim of all tactical operations is to carry out a double attack such that an undefended piece is eventually captured or some decisive advantage is achieved . friv chess. A tactical move should threaten a material advantage without exposing one to the risk of greater loss . friv chess. For instance a queen sacrifice preceding a mating attack is a tactical operation that limits the opponent’s king to a few squares preparatory to an onslaught from two or more pieces that can deliver the checkmate together . friv chess. There are many tactical devices that can be used to achieve material or decisive advantages and they include; 1 . friv chess. 2 . friv chess. Forks: they are double attacks carried out by a single piece on two opposing pieces with the primary aim of guaranteeing a material gain or positional advantage . friv chess. An example of a skewer is a situation in which a protected rook directly attacks an opponent’s queen with the king directly behind the queen . friv chess. Checks: a check is a direct attack on an exposed king which is not decisive . friv chess. Checks offer the possibility of a gain in time and more options for pieces to explore . friv chess. Friv Games Party 6 . friv chess. 7 . friv chess. Batteries: these are very suitable for attacks and they involve two connected pieces attacking a particular square or piece . friv chess. An example of a battery is a rook battery on the 7th rank in which two rooks working together on the 7th rank grab as many pieces as their reach can affect . friv chess. Discovered attacks and checks: these are surprise attacks and checks that are often used to grab pieces to the detriment of the receiving party . friv chess. Usually undermining involves an exchange of key defenders and deflection of assisting or secondary defenders who do not necessarily offer a significant defensive role . friv chess. Prerequisites for playing like a grand master 1 . friv chess. Study chess for at least 2 hours a day Nothing good comes easy including playing chess like a grandmaster . friv chess. 2 . friv chess. www . friv chess.gamecolony . friv 3 . friv chess. 4 . friv chess. 5 . friv chess. Take time out occasional to solve some of the puzzles or analyze games played over time . friv chess. . friv chess. . friv chess.

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