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Different Types of Mediums to Play Games Online In a world where we lead a hectic lifestyle, we need options to stay entertained . friv. Video games have emerged as one of the top forms of entertainment and there are millions across the globe that play games online . friv. The video game industry has emerged as one of the biggest industries in the entertainment segment and to keep up the ever-growing demand video game companies are exploring different types of mediums and platforms where they can provide video games to the consumers . friv. In the current scenario, video games have dominated a large percentage of the entertainment business and new video game genres have emerged that allow consumers to be a part of the game which provides immersive experience . friv. Let’s take a quick look at different types of mediums to play games online . friv. Flash Games Over all these years, there are many flash-based games that have managed to gain widespread popularity . friv. Technically, flash games are video games that are created using the Adobe Flash software . friv. While the software was initially used to create animation programs, various video game developers decided to use the same program to create web-based interactive games . friv. One of the biggest advantages of flash games is that users don’t have to install any software on their system or get a new console . friv. These games execute perfectly on various web browsers . friv. The only thing that some users might need is Adobe Flash plug-in . friv. friv These games also offer players the opportunity to interact on social media and challenge other players online . friv. HTML5 Games As players move from desktops to mobile devices, HTML5 games have gained more popularity . friv. This is mainly because flash games require flash applications and not all mobile users can do that . friv. HTML5 uses the HTML technology and that means users can install their favorite games on their mobile and play from their mobile browser using internet . friv. Most HTML5 games are available for free and can be downloaded as and when required . friv. Players across the globe find that there are more game options available in HTML5 games than any other medium which makes HTML5 one of the best gaming mediums online in the current scenario . friv. The gaming platform was initially launched for Apple’s OS X, but the company has decided to extend their service to various other gaming platforms like Android, Blackberry, Linux, Nintendo, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Windows Phone 8, Xbox 360 and Xbox One . friv. The platform allows game developers to come up with different games that can provide immersive experience to the users . friv. Smartphone Games Android and iOS based games are certainly taking over people’s imagination . friv. There are various app developers that come up with gaming apps that users can install on their mobile devices and carry on gaming even when they are on the move . friv. Friv Games Party With smartphone based games that are in form of apps, gamers can experience fun and excitement right on their mobile devices . friv. There are paid and free games available that users can download and install and play from any location . friv. . friv. . friv.

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